4 deaths have been reported due to covid vaccine but the health ministry said that Three deaths that happened after getting a covid-19 shot is not because of vaccination.  

Do You Think The Health Minister is trying to divert us from the main reason of the death?  

Health related issues might have started due to the power of covid-19 vaccine. Reports say that People have become weak after the pandemic and it could be the main reason why covid-19 vaccine is not bearable for many people.  

On Wednesday, it was all reported because one man from Telangana who was 42-year-old died the next morning after he injected covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday.   Three post-mortem have already happened. All three post-mortem indicate that they died due to health related issues but not because of a vaccine.  

The health minister said on Wednesday “1 Post mortem is still going on, but none of them are related to covid-19 vaccine”.  

The 42-year-old man who got injected on tuesday complained about chest pain.  Three people who died after injecting covid-19 vaccine are from UP, Karnataka and Telangana and all of them died due to health related issues but not because of covid-19 vaccine.  

10 more people were hospitalised after the vaccination drive.  

Due to so many incidents happening after injecting covid-19 vaccine, The doctors, nurses and others involved in fighting covid-19 are hesitating to get their covid-19 vaccine shot.  

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